“A Pleasant Encounter” Radio Show, 8/2/15

Brian, Sharifa and Anthony talk about health care in prison, and UPLC’s fight for prisoners and the disabled.

“A Pleasant Encounter” Radio Show, 4/19/15

Our Executive Director Alan Mills discusses juvenile life without parole, the reason crime is so high in certain areas, gangs, and politics.

Brian Checks the Mail

UPLC receives over 100 letters a week from prisoners in Illinois.

“A Pleasant Encounter” Radio Show, 4/12/15

Brian and Alan discuss Adolfo Davis’ resentencing, and the issues raised by juvenile life without parole generally.

“A Pleasant Encounter” Radio Show, 3/9/15

Brian and Alan talk prisons and civil rights.

“A Pleasant Encounter” Radio Show, 3/1/15

Brian and Alan discuss the Chicago Police Department’s “black site” at Homan Square, reparations for the survivors of torture at the hands of Burge and crew, and the upcoming runoff elections.

Mental Illness in Prison

UPLC Executive Director Alan Mills gives a presentation on people with mental illness in prison and the way they are treated.

“The Story” Radio Show, 3/1/15

UPLC Prisoners’ Rights Coordinator Brian Nelson describes solitary confinement, and the damage it does to a person long after they are released.

“A Pleasant Encounter” Radio Show, 1/11/15

Brian and Alan pay homage to Sage Smith and Paul Homer, discuss Take Back MLK Day, and the need to give those most affected a leading voice in movements for justice.

“A Pleasant Encounter” Radio Show, 12/14/14

On Chicago’s 102.3 FM, discussions of We Charge Genocide’s trip to the UN.